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Mission Statement

We are business practitioners with extensive experience across the agri-food value chain who are committed to partnering with clients to deliver business solutions that increase stakeholder value.

Organisational Development

Fostering leadership skills is an essential investment in the future of every business and organisation. Using a combination of case studies, group and individual projects to highlight the values and characteristics of leadership, participants are guided through the latest innovative approaches and methodologies, enabling them to discover their personal leadership potential.

The development and application of core competencies in management provides managers with the skills to drive effective management practice and deliver to their full potential. We adopt a best practice approach of working with managers in identifying issues, providing solutions and managing consequences while developing their own leadership and management styles.

Identifying and conveying key messages is an important part of stakeholder management

Stakeholder Management helps to manage the communications challenges that can often come with major projects. It helps win support and when well done can often eliminate a major sources of project and work stress. Identifying and conveying key messages to stakeholders to persuade them to support you or to engage with your projects or goals is an important part of stakeholder management.

Crisis media communication is always challenging and demands specific skills. In addressing this, our approach to training focuses on the key areas of decision making, message development and communication skills.

  • Leadership development
  • Management development
  • Stakeholder management
  • Crisis communications
  • Change management
  • Industrial relations
  • Human resources