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Mission Statement

We are business practitioners with extensive experience across the agri-food value chain who are committed to partnering with clients to deliver business solutions that increase stakeholder value.


In the current competitive global environment, Finance plays a key role through cost control and developing innovative ways to position businesses for growth. Finance leaders are making greater input to strategy and leadership of the overall business, as well as their ongoing focus on finance and accounting fundamentals. This is happening in response to cost pressures, increasing scrutiny by regulators  and greater information demands from the business.

Finance departments need to develop world-class solutions to maintain their competitive edge.

The agri-food sector is set to embark on a period of growth and this, coupled with increased market volatility, will increase funding requirements.

Budgeting forecasting and business planning
The goal of every business is to deliver shareholder value. Understanding past performance is the first step in the development of forward-looking targets aligned to corporate strategy. In recent times, rolling forecasts have replaced the traditional annual budget as the favoured means of managing  business performance.

Performance Measurement
To execute that strategy and drive value, organizations need a way to manage actions and behaviour by using focused performance monitoring and analytics. So it is essential to use the few but critical measures of strategy execution that track performance against the key drivers of both current and future value.

Quality information
Businesses  require strong analytical capabilities to achieve high performance through better understanding and monitoring of business drivers which ultimately will deliver management excellence and greater shareholder confidence.

Corporate Finance solutions
Maximising shareholder value is the goal of high performance management teams.  Shareholder value is maximised by ensuring that corporate strategy identifies clearly the value drivers and has a strategy to maximise these.

Capital Structures
Capital markets are slowly emerging from  a period of major turmoil. Many corporates are over-dependent on bank debt at a time where many banks are in a de-leveraging cycle. The agri-food sector is set to embark on a period of growth and this, coupled with increased market volatility, will increase funding requirements.  New innovative solutions are required that are tailored for the specific needs of the agri-food sector in order that this period of expansion can be funded with a secure capital structure.

M&A Due diligence
Financial due diligence is a critical part of an acquisition process. At AFBP we have a wealth of experience in performing due diligence on agri-food companies in several different countries.

Post Acquisition Integration
It is critical that clear plans with measurable targets are set out immediately following an acquisition to ensure the financial goals set out in the acquisition plan are achieved. These plans will require a multidisciplinary team with a central suite of financial goals. We at AFBP are very familiar with the execution and delivery of these plans across a number of jurisdictions.